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Pantheon Hosting Plans and Pricing

Take advantage of special rates and features through ASU's partnership with Pantheon

It's free to create development and test sandbox sites on Pantheon. You only pay when you're ready to go live. Once your site is ready to launch, Pantheon offers four ASU hosting plans: Basic, Performance Small, Performance Large, and Elite.

  • If you want a quick and easy site that is ASU web stadards compliant, spinning up a test ASU Webspark site on Pantheon is free. See more about getting started with Webspark.
  • You can host existing Drupal sites on Pantheon. See more about importing a site to Pantheon and/or into ASU Webspark.

Sign up for a FREE sandbox site now using your ASURITE@asu.edu email address!

Live Site Pricing and Features

Live Site Pricing and Features
  Sandbox Basic Performance Small Performance Large Elite
Monthly cost
(billled annually, includes Arizona sales tax)
Free $21.48
( 20% discount )
( 25% discount )
( 25% discount )
Target Use Development Small low-traffic site Group or department site Higher volume Mission Critical, High Support
Support Best effort Best effort Priority Higher Priority 24/7
Daily Page
Sandbox only 100s 1000s 100,000s 1,000,000s
logged-in users
Sandbox only 6 100s 100s 1000s
SSL Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
SOLR No No Yes Yes Yes
site setup
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Need to change your plan? Please contact pantheon@asu.edu.