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Obtain LDAP app ID/Password

If you have ServiceNow access:

  • Go to Computer Accounts - Add Computer Access in ServiceNow.
    (NOTE:The ServiceNow catalog is accessible at https://asu.service-now.com. If you can't access ServiceNow, email EDNATeam@asu.edu for assistance.)
  • Fill out the following fields:
    • Request type -> Add EDNA secondary ID to account
    • ID Owner's ASURITE ID - Your ASURITE ID
    • Sponser for ID - Your supervisor's ASURITE ID
    • Suggested secondary ID name -> YourWebsiteID_app
    • APP ID Account Type -> DS/LDAP
    • Additional details -> Explanatory text. Ex. - "Please create a secondary ID/Pass for <FullName> (<requestorsASURITEID>) to use to connect to DS/LDAP services."
  • Once your superviser (Sponsor for ID) has received the email and approved your request, and UTO has also approved the request, you will need to set up the ID:

When this is completed, you can continue to follow theĀ Mapping User Fields with CAS and LDAP Modules instructions, starting at "Add an LDAP server". This will include testing the ID/password.