ASU Brand Module

These instructions are for the ASU Brand module 7.x-1.7 and higher, which uses the ASU Header 4.3 (with the integrated mobile menu).

This project is hosted on github

Changes from previous versions

  • Versions 7.x-1.7 and higher do not include the students footer (menu from
  • Versions 7.x-1.7 and higher are ASU web standards compliant.
  • You must use version 7.x-1.6 if you are using CAS module version 1.4 or higher.

ASU Brand module installation instructions.

  1. Install and enable the ASU Brand module just like any other module.
  2. Go to the Admin -> Structure -> Blocks page and move the "ASU Brand: header," "ASU Brand: footer" and/or the "ASU Brand: students footer" blocks into the header and footer regions respectively. The available regions will be determined by the theme that you are using.   Note: Both the header and footer have a width of 100% and will expand to fill whatever div they are placed inside. You must make sure that the div you place the header in is the width of your page (generally, 100% wide). See more on theming below.
  3. Configure the header settings from within the block settings:
    1. Choose the most recent version of the header in the "ASU header version" field:
    2. The ASU theme basepath should be
    3. Leave the Preview pages as is.
    4. The ASU Header Template Key should be default (custom templates are no longer supported).
    5. Most sites will choose to inject the 'Main menu' into the header mobile menu and should leave the Append local site menu box checked.
    6. Do not customize the Custom GTM Script field unless a new one is provided by the ASU Google Analytics Administrator (ASU Marketing Hub).
  4. The header and footer are cached locally and will refresh every 48 hours. If you need to manually refresh them, go to Configuration -> Performace and clear the site's cache.


Q: Does the module support the Special menu items module?
A: Yes. <nolink> menu items will link to current page ('#') and <separator> menu items will not be rendered in the injected mobile menu.
Q: How to I alter the default mobile menu?
A: The mobile menu defaults to the 'Site menu'. You can specify a different menu in the header block configs. You can also alter the menu using the asu_brand_sitemenu_alter hook (see module README).
Q: How to I alter the site name injected into the mobile menu?
A: The site name defaults to the 'Site name' specified in /admin/config/system/site-information . You can change it there or alter the menu using the asu_brand_sitename_alter hook (see module README).
Q: How to I configure the search function to do local site search?
A: The configuration options for search are now set in the ASU GSA Search Module.


  • Bartik theme: If you are using the default Bartik theme, please note that the header region is not 100% wide and that you'll need to create a subtheme of Bartik and adjust the layout of the header region on the page.tpl.php and in the CSS.
  • ASU Slimspark theme: The ASU header works well in the header region on Slimspark. The theme is a barebones starter theme kit that is ASU web standards compliant. It includes minimal styles and templates to help you get started customizing your own ASU web standard theme. Find instructions for downloading and enabling Slimspark.
  • Stark theme: The ASU header works well in Stark's header region if you disable the logo and site name under 'Toggle Display' on the Admin > Appearance > Settings > Stark page. This is a very basic Drupal starter theme that will require much customization.

Many thanks to Marcus Anthony for making this module available to the community!