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ASU GSA Search Module


Make sure that you install the dependent Drupal contrib module Google Search Appliance as it is a dependency for this module.


The module provides you a search results page that is Web Standards compliant and allows the user to toggle between local/collection and global results across all ASU sites.

Search results


By default, the module will configure the header search box to do a local Drupal search along with the ability to switch to searching on the global ASU GSA. To set a specific collection to search on the GSA, you can switch the Local Search option to "No" and set the collection name on the configuration page located at admin/config/search/asu_gsa/settings.

GSA screenshot


A collection on the GSA allows you to specify certain urls to be searched on instead of searching across all ASU sites. If you do not have a collection created already, you can request one by emailing webconsulting@asu.edu and specifying the urls you want to be part of the collection.