ASU Slimspark Theme


This bare-bones starter theme is intended to help developers comply with web standards. A subtheme of Bootstrap (, the ASU slimspark theme includes base bootstrap styles and functionality as well as web standards compliant styles.

*ASU slimspark is a theme only. If you are looking for a complete Drupal distribution please refer to ASU Webspark.

Support for this theme is limited. We're looking for community members to help maintain this project.If you're interested, please email


  1. Download the Bootstrap theme to /sites/all/themes.
  2. Download and enable the jQuery Update module 7.x-2.3 or higher. Set the jQuery version to 1.7 or higher on the Admin > Configuration > Development > jQuery update page.
  3. Download Slimspark to /sites/all/themes, and create a subtheme of it.
  4. Enable Bootstrap and Slimspark. Enable your custom Slimspark theme and set as default.
  5. If using the ASU Brand Module, the ASU Brand header block must be the only block in the header block region.