ASU Userpicker


Provides a custom user field widget for picking users in Drupal and ASU LDAP, and creating those not yet in Drupal.


Install the module as usual, see for further information.


The ASU Userpicker module creates an AJAX autoocomplete user picker widget and is easily assignable using the Fields managment UI in Drupal.

It requires the CAS Attributes, LDAP Servers and User Reference modules to be enabled, and at least one LDAP Server to be configured.

Using the ASU Userpicker with non-Field API managed fields requires custom code to map it into place:

Implement a form_alter() to change an existing user picker field's '#autocomplete_path' to 'autocomplete/asu/user' and the '#element_validate' field to 'asu_userpicker_autocomplete_validate'.

Like so:
$form['my_picker_field']['#autocomplete_path'] = 'autocomplete/asu/user';
$form['my_picker_field']['#element_validate'] = 'asu_userpicker_autocomplete_validate';

Additional configurations for the module can be made using the devel/php tool, as there is no admin UI for these ASU Userpicker variables:

variable_set('asu_userpicker_ldap_server', 'your_server_machinename');
2 => '2', // Authenticated user
3 => '0',
1 => '1', // Active users
0 => '0',
variable_set('asu_userpicker_referenceables_view', 'your_view_name');
variable_set('asu_userpicker_label', 'USER');
variable_set('asu_userpicker_search_user_fields', array('field_first_name', 'field_last_name', 'another_field_machine_name'));


ASU Userpicker was created by Michael Samuelson / (