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Legacy Web Hosting Documentation

IMPORTANT: The UTO's legacy web hosting service (i.e. websites on any webhostXXX.asu.edu server) has been phased out.

The UTO no longer offers new hosting accounts for the aging service, and it will be permanently decommissioned in the very near future (date TBD). There will also be no UTO-hosted replacement (free or not) for the service.

As a result, existing account owners are strongly encouraged to move their sites to another web hosting option as soon as possible. To help assist with any migrations, the UTO will provide support for 1) exporting the content off of any webhostXXX server, and 2) updating the DNS records for your site's domain (yoursite.example.asu.edu) to point to another web hosting solution.

Note: If the sites in question use Drupal or WordPress, we recommend Pantheon as the best option - especially those under the asu.edu domain. While we don’t have any official web hosting partners/recommendations for other web site circumstances, the owners of those sites are free to choose any web hosting option available.