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Search promotions (keywords)

If you want to add custom search results that will appear at the top of ASU search results pages, you can request a new (or edits to an existing) Google Custom Search Engine (GCSE) promotion. (These replaced the keyword results in the Google Search Appliance, which was retired by the UTO in early 2019 in lieu of the GCSE.)

Please submit the following information for each promotion in the "Additional Comments" field in Step 2 of the WCS form:

  • Destination URL (where to take them)
  • Promotion Title (search result title)
  • Desired matching keywords (100 characters max, comma-delimited) - Ex. "aquatic center,swimming center,pools,pools on campus". If this is over 100 characters (including spaces), the entire request will be rejected.
  • Description (200 characters max) - Usually 1-2 sentences long; Should match the <meta> description tag content if the destination URL utilizes that tag. If you submit over 200 characters (including spaces), the entire request will be rejected.

NOTICE: While we generally approve GCSE promotion requests, submitting this form with a GCSE-related request is not a guarantee of permanent or temporary placement in ASU search result promotions. ASU, the UTO, and any other future entity that may have purview over what is allowed in any GCSE promotions all reserve the right to reject any said GCSE promotions request without appeal.